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Avoid the most common mistakes made when lending hard money in Detroit.

Whether you're an experienced hard money lender or if you're new and would just like to make huge returns on lending hard money, this FREE report is for you!  Included in this report are:

•     Tips on how to catapult your profits into the stratosphere

•     How to maximize your security

•     What are the best areas to lend in

•     Steps to take for ensuring the investor you're lending to is successful, giving you ultra-secure principal

Why 8 Kick Ass Secrets?  Well, the information contained in this FREE REPORT is just too good to have a second-rate description like maximizing profit, making you successful or 8 Good Secrets.  We need to let you know that we mean business with this report and that there's nothing less than pure gold contained within.  If you're a time waster or someone that can't commit to bettering themselves and making lots of money, don't download this report because it might just give you a heart attack!!!

Do you want a proven way to lend hard money in Detroit or would you rather continue getting pedestrian returns on your money?

Of course you don't want to continue receiving your pedestrian returns on your money, that's why you're here.  You want the Michael Phelps and Ussain Bolt returns on your money that gets it going FAST and Full of Gold! We're not sellling snake oil here or trying to get you to invest in the best piece of swamp land you've ever seen.  We're simply providing the successful steps that we have found as investors that have bought hundreds of properties, investors that have borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars in private and hard money funds, investors that have lent out our own money, and investors that are currently doing amazing business in the City of Detroit.

What do we get out of this?  We get more people investing in the City of Detroit and more educated hard money lenders in the City of Detroit.  We're tired of hack second rate hard money lenders that don't understand our market.  We want to work with investors that are educated on our market and the only way we can do that is by releasing this free report!  Whether you work with us and our team of investors or you lend to someone else in Detroit, Michigan, we are coming out ahead.
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“Are you ready to kick your hard money lending and profits into HIGH GEAR?!

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We know that you are going to find every page of this report absolute gold for your business.  These are the secrets that most people keep to themselves in order to stifle their competition.  What those people don't know is that we can all be more successful and make more money just by working together and getting more educated investors and lenders in the market.  Believe me, there are more than enough investment and lending opportunities safely, securely, and at high profits in Detroit right now than there is anywhere else in the U.S.  Bold statement?  If you think so, you better read our report.

Successfully Yours,

Jared J. Pomranky     Jeremy A. Burgess

Jared J. Pomranky     Jeremy A. Burgess

P.S. There really is no catch with this offer. We’re providing this report to you at no cost and this truly will change your investments by making them ultra-profitable and ultra-secure

P.P.S. Your hard money lending in Detroit, Michigan will also Kick Ass on your CDs, stocks, bonds, .mutual funds, private money lending, and anything else you can throw at us!

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